The House

Established On July 1, 2015, Under The Proprietorship Of The Business Entrepreneur Mouza Al Awfi Who Supported To Build A Unique Couture Atelier In Dubai. She Always Been Dreaming Of Dressing Up A Women With Glamour And Perfection Which She Passes On To The New Generation, Her Daughter, The Business Entrepreneur, Rayan Al Sulaimani Who Took Advantage Of Scaling Up The Scenes And Designs To A More Sophisticated And Outstanding Quality. When she took over the Atelier from her Mother Mousa Al Awfi, she expanded the business to the next level and opened a boutique of Atelier Zuhra in Muscat Oman at the Royal Opera House. She also has a lot of plans for expanding the Atelier internationally and opening boutiques worldwide. In the next 5 years she aims at opening a boutique in Paris which is known as the capital of fashion.

Atelier Zuhra Magnifies The Femininity Of A Woman With The Expertise Of Fabricating Delicate Embroidery , Outstanding Quality & Artistic Design Using Precious Kind Of Elements Which Makes Atelier Zuhra’s Timeless Dresses.


Welcome to Atelier Zuhra. A home of fashionable women.

To become an exceptional women dress designer and maker through continuous innovation and creativity.

To design and make uniquely, elegant dresses for dressing fashionable women with the most exceptional dressing experience.